Lead Sheets by Gamers, for Everybody provides high quality transcriptions of our favorite video game music in easily readable lead sheets. Our lead sheets are available for C, Bb, Eb, F, G, Alto, Bass, & Vocal instruments, as all instruments are created equal.

We try to have our lead sheets reflect the source material as best as possible, that is - our lead sheets are not arrangements, but rather a combination of a transcription and a reduction. By doing so, we most easily convey the essentials of a given tune so that performers, arrangers, composers, students, educators, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and even VGM (video game music) newcomers can create the music they want to create, without having to spend the hours necessary to analyze and transcribe a song.

We write our lead sheets as accurately as possible with the correct notes, chords, and rhythms from a theory perspective, to the best of our ability, so that each lead sheet is easily readable while remaining true to the original composition.

Some songs have a "Musician Friendly" version available to make songs more accessible, such as if a song is originally in a key with six sharps or flats.

For more on this and other conventions, read our Strategy Guide here.

All our sheets go through a comprehensive peer review process prior to publication. We review them regularly to ensure our lead sheets are of the highest quality.

VGLeadSheets is updated occasionally with new content, while edits and corrections may take place at any time.

We hope you enjoy these lead sheets, and that they better your understanding of the music you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or even corrections, you can contact us here.

- Jer Roque & the Staff

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Last updated on July 22nd, 2024

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All music on this site is copyrighted by their respective owners. All music on this site is presented for educational purposes only. All transcriptions were created from scratch by listening and analyzing the music, and inputting notes into notation software. We will gladly take down any music if asked by their respective owners.